Splendid Sci-Fi RPG-shooter: Snowbreak: Containment Zone – First PV to be Released and Launched this Year

Gaming will be taken to a whole new level as the new RPG-shooter Snowbreak: Containment Zone (PC/iOS/Android), developed by Amazing Seasun, recently released its first global PV and officially started its pre-registration on March 15(GMT+8). The game is planned to be officially launched this year.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D third-person shooter RPG set in a near-future sci-fi background. The game supports cross-platform progress sharing and combines gun shooting, character skills, action elements, and storyline, aiming to bring players a unique gaming experience.

In 2057, the world suffered from a mysterious disaster called “The Descent.” Prosperous cities were severely damaged and designated as the Containment Zones, polluted areas where “snow” falls constantly. Players will play the role of Adjustant who joins the first human anti-Titan armed force, the Heimdall Force. Their mission is to return to the Containment Zones with the manifestations (team members), fight against the Titans and other forces, investigate the truth, and protect humanity.

The first PV focuses on the combat gameplay through a boss battle that includes in-game footage. In the cold and grand Containment Zones scene, three gun girls form a tactical team and launch a series of attacks on the giant boss, Ymir. The girls appear with various guns and skills, causing considerable damage to the boss. However, Ymir’s giant hand waves, nearly putting the girls in life-threatening danger.

The PV ends here, and whether players can defeat Ymir is up to them in the game. In addition to the intense and exciting combat, the stunning appearance of the humanoid female boss Ymir also reveals the unique setting of the game’s bosses.

Amazing Seasun also developed the game, Girl Cafe Gun, that sparked a craze among fans of anime-style games for gun-girl characters. According to the developers, what makes Snowbreak: Containment Zone different from their previous game is that it uses Unreal Engine 4, which greatly improves the overall picture quality, in addition to the newly created story and characters.

In addition, when it comes to combat, unlike the previous work’s Q-version character and top-down view, the characters in this game enter the battlefield in realistic proportions and use an over-shoulder perspective, which will bring players a stronger sense of presence. With the integration of shooting and skills and the polishing of the shooting feel, the combat experience has been comprehensively upgraded.

While in terms of art style, unlike the previous work’s vibrant color palette, this game presents a cool tone. According to the development team, the global CB test will start soon. Stay tuned to Snowbreak’s official website and social channels for all the news on the upcoming game!

Pre-register NOW:https://bit.ly/3ZueXNn

Pre-registrants who invite friends to pre-register as well, will get a chance to win an iPhone 14 pro 256G or SAMSUNG S23 Ultra 256G in the Lucky Draw event.

The mechanics can be found in the pre-registration website

Official website: snowbreak.amazingseasun.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@snowbreakEN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SnowbreakEN
Official Instagram: instagram.com/snowbreaken_official/
Official Discord: discord.gg/3zs9cQQgcV


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