Continuing to be the most fascinating and most beloved bastion for fans of the written and printed word from all over the world, the Manila International Book Fair, MIBF, returned to SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last September 14-17, 2023. Organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc., MIBF fulfilled its promise to be one of the best and biggest ever with lots of activities and attractions in store for everyone and proved to be the ultimate book experience.

Book lovers and book buffs once again rejoiced as they thronged to the Philippine’s largest and longest running book fair. Long-time fans, readers and exhibitors again gathered to connect and celebrate their love of books. The Manila International Book Fair 2023, organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc., spanned four spectacular days and fulfilled its promise to be one of the best and biggest ever with lots of activities and attractions in store for everyone.

MIBF 2023 featured over 100 exhibitors, which included mainstream and indie publishers, international publishers, university presses, academic publishers and distributors, bookstores, and more, with special MIBF rates and special deals offered. It also featured the latest titles, many hot off the press and not yet even available online or at regular bookstores, some reprinted or updated specifically for the MIBF crowd.

MIBF has also been about book signings by the most prominent and in-demand authors and creators, which included National Artists for Literature, celebrity authors, Wattpad sensations, top comic book creators, and even international bestselling authors.

As an industry hub, MIBF was there for all in the book industry, librarians, or the education sector. It has continued to be the venue for industry dialogues for books, education,  and allied industries, keeping the industry abreast with the latest to expand knowledge through various seminars and workshops. And with its co-located event, School World, a one-stop shop for teachers, students, parents, school administrators, young professionals and working adults, there was a wide selection of products and services as schools transition into new modes of learning in the new normal, with lots of school supplies, art supplies, gadgets and technology, learning aids, and more in this section of the MIBF.

The event was also about the fun and imagination that books represent, as there were book awards, storytelling sessions, art workshops, book launches, seminars, book awards, and more. People went to MIBF not just to get their annual book shopping done, but it was also a great place to learn new things, meet fellow book lovers, and of course have fun.

With all these varied and fascinating attractions and activities for attendees, MIBF 2023 was veritably an extravaganza of books and learning that will be remembered for quite a while. MIBF, organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc. in partnership with Asian Catholic Communicators, Inc. (ACCI), Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP), Philippine Booksellers Association of the Philippines (PBAI) and Overseas Publishers’ Representatives Association of the Philippines (OPRAP).

Our gratitude to Primetrade Asia Inc. for allowing us this opportunity to again be a media partner for MIBF since 2014.

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