Otaku Tanoshii Cosplay Photoshoot



The staff of arkadymac.com was on hand to cover the Otaku Tanoshii Cosplay Photoshoot last weekend at the scenic and ever reliable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.  The event was organized by Otaku Tanoshii, a group that includes cosplayers, gamers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts who like to have fun and who also want to contribute their talents for this growing community.



It was a free event so there were a lot of cosplayers who were more than eager to go and participate in the event.  Cosplayers and photographers alike had a delightful time with each other’s company as they went around the many unique features inside the park and took their shots, solo, couples, or groups.  As they did, they got to be friends as they shared information and interests with each other.




The base camp for this event was the Tea House where everyone gathered to register and receive instructions. The staff was courteous and were helpful in accommodating the participants.  The event ran from 10am till the park closed at 5.  Unfortunately, I had a photoshoot before this event and another one after so I wasn’t able to stay long to cover the event.  I did manage to get some shots off though.




It was a nice event and quite cozy, and everyone managed to have fun at the event, so thumbs up to the organizers and our gratitude as well for having us.




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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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