O-kun Fiesta 2: Day 1


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End-of-summer otaku fun was back at O-kun Fiesta 2 where thousands of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts from all over gathered at the SMX Convention Center for an entire weekend.  Organized by Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, O-kun Fiesta 2 had a Japanese lantern festival as its theme, and this year they promised to have even more special guests, tutorials, panel discussions, magazine signings and contests in order to emulate the magazine’s contents into a two-day fun-filled event at Function Room 1 of the SMX Convention Center.


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arkadymac.com is O-kun Fiesta’s official media partner for the second year in a row, and helping us bring the highlights of the event are our coverage team with Kyle, Queenie, Keileen, Kami, and Jillian, who all got to enjoy the sights and sounds of the festivities.


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Now held for two whole exciting consecutive  days, O-kun Fiesta 2 was Otaku Asia’s way to reach out to their readers and give something back for their support with a fun, informative and interactive fiesta of activities.  Keeping things exciting, informative and orderly were hosts Jillian, Naru and Envy, who all did a splendid job keeping the program running as well as it did.


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Starting things off was a Photography 101 workshop by Romeo Encisa Jr. and Moonstruck Creatives, who enlightened the audience about the essential things one needed to remember when practicing their skills in photography.


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Then there was the Alecx and Kat of Cosplay Medics who gave a fun yet practical tutorial on styling and fixing wigs for their cosplays.


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An anime karaoke contest was there for the musically inclined otaku who sang their best renditions of some of the most memorable themes from various anime series.


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Gender-based cosplay groups Bishounen Society, with Chun and Aldrich, and Tonari no Tsuns, with Angel and Nico, had a talk about their love for cosplay as well as the local cosplay community and got to entertain some questions from the audience.


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All the special guests have been featured in the latest issue of Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, and special autograph signings were held throughout the day for attendees, like the session with prominent cosplayers Eiri and Yuri.


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Ivyree Rosario of wildly popular Little Things PH had a comic creation tutorial that drew upon her skills and personal experiences that went into the making of each of her endearing work and it was well appreciated by the audience.


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The fun wasn’t just confined to the stage.  All around the venue there were great attractions just waiting to be discoved like the tanzaku wall where attendees can hang their wishes.


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Then there was the Artist Alley where a selected list of artists got to show off their amazing work to attendees.


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The Cosplay Medics had a booth as well, and they were there to help with any problems regarding cosplayers’ wigs, costumes or props during the entire event.


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And of course there were various booths that catered the attendees’ needs and cravings for toys, merchandise, clothing, art, services and more, like Cosmic Bytes and Perry in Disguise.


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And of course we were there for the cosplayers as well who got to show off their wonderful cosplays to attendees, like our Correspondents and Cosplay Models Kyle, Queenie, and Keileen.


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All these and more at the opening day of O-Kun Fiesta 2.  Do visit us again for our coverage of Day 2 very soon.

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