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“With all of the memories we shared, we bid you adieu.”  These are the final parting words we got to hear from the head organizer, James Paolo Angeles, of the very renowned exclusive project named “Daydreams.”
Indeed, on its final installment, “Daydreams 3: Final Spectacle” lived up to its fame and hype by gracefully hosting the first-of-its-kind type of elite collaboration having the most known cosplay photographers in the local scene working together with some of the finest cosplayers in the genre.


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Daydreams’ head organizer James Paolo Angeles


Together with Eric DC of Eyestrain Photoworks and Alphard Penetrante of Snapshot Fantasy – the trio meticulously conceptualized and planned everything from the very beginning and up to its grand finale. A highly anticipated event only accessed by special honorary invitees from the organizers – the project didn’t fail to show class and prowess not only in having an impressive production team and roster of models alike but also in proving that everyone can collaborate and work together for a big common goal.

Of course, there are those unpleasant experiences like the dry humidity and the intense heat during the tenure of the event, but these didn’t hinder everyone in showing their full potential.


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Helping us in bringing everyone the highlights of this event is our Coverage Partner and Features Writer, Jillian Rose, who also got to take most of our BTS shots.




We arrived at the venue early at the organizers’ behest,  as everyone was making sure that the most allotted hours will be used efficiently. Of course, we took some time off appreciating the beauty of the entire venue to our delight.


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The entire production team consisting of the photographers, videographers and the staff were setting up already, making sure no time was wasted while waiting for the models to prepare prior to the event proper.


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Inside the special preparation room aptly named the “Tavern,” everyone was busy dressing up, arranging accessories, applying makeup or lending a hand or two to assist others who are in dire need of fixing something. As always, we would just watch in awe on how they meticulously suit up to look like their respective characters.


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 Daydreams main organizer Eric DC (left)


With the time at hand, it was quintessential that the supposed designated rotation scheme as devised by the organizers would have to take place . With the impression that time was of the essence,  once the models had finished preparing, they scuttled off immediately with their allocated photographers to certain locations with prepared conceptualized pegs for execution already.

Efficiency is what this project is all about too to prevent time mishaps.


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Daydreams’ main organizer Alphard Penetrante at work


We were also joined by Editor-in-Chief(EIC) Kent Diamante of the popular publication Otaku Asia Magazine to cover this big event as well for the magazine’s August 2015 issue.


One of James’ main purpose for this event is to provide opportunity for some bonding time and eventual smiles that he hopes to glimpse with everyone who are enjoying this hardly-prepared endeavor.  We couldn’t resist ourselves taking candid shots of such people having fun.


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Smile! Cosplayers Angel and Miyumi enjoying the event

We took the opportunity to ask the participants about their experience at Daydreams 3:

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 Angelica Vanessa Nechi:

“It felt awesome to be a part of all 3 Daydreams installments! It helped me feel the *spark* for cosplay once again. It also felt great to be able to work with all the Daydreams participants – from the amazing organizers, photographers, and fellow cosplayers!! It was amazing to be able to shoot some of my dream cosplays in the wonderful locations selected in all the installments for Daydreams.

And it felt nice because I met a lot of new friends!

I think one of the strong points of the project was the amazing effort exerted by the organizers as well as its participants. I think everyone worked hard for the project and was able to properly showcase their work! And with that, it created some wonderful outputs. <3 As for the project’s weaknesses, I really can’t think of any as I can see that there’s a conscious effort to improve the project. I can see the improvements from the 1st installment to the last. I guess that maybe we just really need more time because one day isn’t enough to accommodate all the participants, hehe.”


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Kristine Dinglasan:

“Well, it was a surprise for me to be invited and it was my first time to join a project like this. So honestly I didn’t have any expections for it, just an idea how it would go. Initially I thought that we would do a full rotation, as in every photographer shoots one cosplayer for a bit then next. I’m glad it wasn’t like that and we were only assigned to two people and the rest was free to decide.
The strong points are definitely the venue itself and that everything was neatly organized, including transportation all the way from the South. ”



Kei Villauneva (Photographer)

“Three words – Lucky, Happy, Thankful. I’ve been following Daydreams series from the start, knowing the line-up of amazing cosplayers and photographers made me envious, like I’m yearning to be part of such great team.

I remember I told myself, “Nakakainggit naman”, and I asked one of them “…na sana makasama rin ako” but it’s only a whimsical statement, it’s like niloloko ko lang sarili ko para umasa but I never thought that I’ll be part of them. Most of them are already my friends in the community and I’m aware of their expertise, so when Kuya Eric offered me to be part of them, I grabbed the opportunity because it was the right time to test my skills, challenging myself, and be inspired because I’m with best among the best and learn something important from them.

Fortunately, the project was greatly acknowledged. They are real people of cosplay art, they like perfection and dislikes mediocrity, they will push you beyond limitations, overcoming what you are already capable of, ‘yun ang gusto ko sa kanila kasi ituturo nila yung best points mo at yung opportunities mo. I’m an art student, so I love being with open-minded people who love exchanging creative ideas, somewhat like Ancient Greek’s “Symposium”, ako pa naman yung tipong ng tao pag “in the zone”, my ideas are overflowing.”


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At around 2:00 PM in the afternoon, everyone was already feeling the humidity but that didn’t deter them still. Though it also didn’t assuage the discomfort of everyone, but thanks to the air-conditioned Tavern, the heat wave didn’t caused much disruption on the itinerary.


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Ej Ayalde, the group’s primary designated videographer, was also too busy taking video clips here and there – also ensuring that everyone got sufficient coverage while doing discrete interviews too.




Come 5:00 PM, everyone was still making most of the time allotted for this event but are obviously looking somewhat drained already thanks to the intense heat and non-stop work. Even so, we still saw the smiles of everyone obviously enjoying the simple camaraderie – a chitchat or two, small snacks here and there, selfie sessions and just plain teasing with each other.


Prelude Daydreams 3 Final Spectacle_0061


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Dinnertime was the most awaited part of course, and the organizers are very graceful enough to provide food and drinks for everyone. The relatively obvious hunger pangs of everyone surely showed out as they munched through the 36” monster pizza that was provided as an appetizer prior to the main course. We had a hard time securing ourselves with our own slices too, haha!


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We will also welcome James’ very own Shohoku basketball team who did a very great job in providing assistance to the entire production team and models alike – also in helping serve the foods and carrying things to and fro. They are the same cosplayers who became an overnight sensation last January of this year due to the very popular Slam Dunk Project that they had done. James indeed made sure to put a good use with his boys for the benefit of Daydreams 3. One of our staff members Karlo Pascua (Kaloy) are also included here, alongside with our very own Jillian Rose who helped covered the event from the beginning.

Just pardon them on the next picture for… having so much fun.



Our surprise guests: The Shohoku basketball team


Indeed, this event was filled in with so much fun and vibrant energy that we didn’t notice how time passed by. As the night came, it reminded us that even good things come to an end.

Our hearts were somewhat in a mellow, dramatic mood as everyone hugged each other and took the last sets of pictures. People who weren’t that familiar with each other from the onset became friends and buddies who exchanged memories of a wonderful day.


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Before the event ended, the organizers made sure that everyone was okay and bid appropriate farewells too. James talked to everyone personally and thanked the entire group for making this project a huge success for the taking.
He assured everyone that although Daydreams will end now, the magic still doesn’t end here. We were left puzzled and intrigued at the same time due to this sudden information coming from him so we all asked what he means by it – and all we received is a sheepish smile while looking at his fellow organizers Eric and Alphard.

Guess we will soon be up for a new ride but who knows? James and the team will surely let us be the one to know about anything.

We would like to thank the entire Daydreams team for making this project a virtual success story for the succeeding generations to come. We at as with Otaku Asia are very thankful to be a part of this project since its very beginning and trust that we will give you more updates coming from the team once project plans are to be brewed again.

Please do stay tuned for the upcoming video and materials from the team.


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